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The Game is denying reports that he was killed last night in a Los Angeles shooting.

News broke late Sunday that the rapper was murdered at the Beverly Hills Center but details remained skimp on a possible motive.

Game apparently caught wind of the rumor and took to his Twitter page to clear the air.

Speaking on the false claims he tweeted to his nearly 180,000 followers,

“Who ever started da rumor dat I was dead is funny as hell…If u gone spread rumors, b more creative. Say, I had a fight wit the Toy Story cast or sumn & it turned fatal ha ha..”

He also decided to have fun with the rumor and ran with it, announcing that he was indeed dead and tweeting to his fans from the grave with his “#GraveTweets.”

“As a matter of fact, I am dead. I’m the 1st n*gga to #graveTweet !!! 1st 400 bars, now tweetin from the grave…I’m dope”

He later added,

I tell you one thing though, you can’t really get good reception down here in this coffin…. Damn T-Mobile !!! #gravetweets.”