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Last week, we showed you pictures of Chris Brown and his new girlfriend, a gorgeous model named Jasmine.

Read all about that here: Is This Chris Brown’s New Chick?

The new couple shamelessly Twitpic’d photos of themselves…


…but their PDA seems to have rubbed Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend, a dude who goes by the name of Mack Baker, the wrong way.

Baker took to his Twitter account to beg Jasmine (who goes by the alias @Golden_Barbie) for some attention, profess his love for her, and apologize for whatever he once did wrong that led to the demise of their relationship. READ FROM BOTTOM TO TOP!

Picture 2

Sadly, she still hasn’t responded.

Maybe because he takes pictures like this:


No words.

P.S. Is it just us or does Jasmine look exactly like Jay-Z’s new RocNation artist Rita Ora?

Watch Out Bey! Meet Jay’s Newest Artist: Rita Ora!

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