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Disclaimer: I am a dj.  I am not a writer. I am not a theater major. I don’t have any expertise in the film industry. What I do have is an opinion, as I watch movies and drink martinis. Here are my thoughts…


In theaters: June 4th

Rating: (3.5 Martinis out of 4)

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After having to watch Marmaduke, I almost lost hope this week.  I have to admit, I expected worse. This movie was great! Diddy actually did a good job, but playing devil’s advocate…he just played himself.  When Diddy steps outside of his box and performs well, then I will cheer and shout.

Russell Brand was extremely funny and the story line was decent.  The humor of the movie was often disgusting but it was very funny.  I laughed a great deal.  The funniest part of the movie was the soundtrack.  Listen to the words of the rock star that Russell Brand’s character plays, the word hilarious does the skits injustice.

The movie flows wells, the characters are played well, and this time the trailer does not represent the movie at all.  The trailer was funny. The movie was funnier.  In addition to being funny, it was a bit insightful. Not Confucius, but insightful nonetheless.

Get him to the Greek made me actually laugh out loud, and trust- that’s not easy.  Go see the movie.  It’s worth your money this weekend. Trust.

Until next time popcorn precious….I’ll see you at The Cynn-ema!

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