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Disclaimer: I am a dj.  I am not a writer. I am not a theater major. I don’t have any expertise in the film industry. What I do have is an opinion, as I watch movies and drink martinis. Here are my thoughts…


RATING: 3.5 Martinis out of 4

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Now this was right up my alley.  It was a romantic comedy that made me laugh, cry and feel.  It was set in Verona, Italy; the scenery alone should be rated.  This movie was beautiful and only effective if you are a hopeless romantic.

A fifty-year old letter is found, addressed to a love columnists in Verona. When the character Sophie answers the letter by love circumstance of her own, an amazing journey begins.

Now to some this may sound far-fetched and too mushy.  This movie could have had disastrous effects, if it hadn’t been done exactly this way.  It was great!

It’s a tale of a fifty-year old regret. It is a story about an old love lost and new one discovered. It’s about finding yourself and the true one who loves you.  But most of all it’s about a young girl with very simple yet profound view of love.

If you are hopeful toward love and romance, this is the movie for you to see this summer.

Until next time, popcorn precious….I’ll see you, at the Cynn-ema.

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