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Disclaimer: I am a dj.  I am not a writer. I am not a theater major. I don’t have any expertise in the film industry. What I do have is an opinion, as I watch movies and drink martinis. Here are my thoughts…


RATING: 3.5 Martini Glasses out of 4

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Just Wright was just in time.  This was a story that needed to be told, though classically unrealistic it was a great to watch.  Common has more growing to do as an actor but he carried the character well.  Latifah lit up the screen, with her contagious smile, and she has much to smile about.  It was her business savvy that brought this feel good movie to the screen.  So, she holds the title actor and producer, and that made me smile.

Just Wright is the typical rag to riches story with a twist, a much-needed message; know your worth, and except nothing less.  It is a great story and a great message in the middle of Hollywood’s cartoon, vampire and murder movies.

It was a pleasure to experience.  Common actually made me believe he could ball, but he cheated a bit.  He grew up around basketball all his life.  In addition to having a love of the game, his father played in the ABA…it’s genetics!

Go see the movie; it won’t be a waste of your money.

Until next time, popcorn precious….I’ll see you, at the Cynn-ema.

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