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Source: Houston Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images / Getty

May the church say OH HELL NO!!  A white pastor in Georgia has gone viral after delivering a sermon justifying slavery, saying that Africans were better off as slaves.

“I’m not trying to justify slavery but I’m going to try to justify slavery”

In a video posted on TikTok Deven Rogers delivered the disturbing message at Strong Hold Baptist Church in Norcross about ‘Christian Privilege’

“This is how God works. This what God does in the Bible,” “What would have been better? For them to have lived their entire life in Africa, free, doing their voodoo or whatever, and then dying and going to hell, or what happened, and then they go to heaven?”’

According to the word of Deven Rogers as it pertains to white privilege.

“It’s not real! Get over it!”

Take a look at the viral sermon in the video below.

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