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Should Justin Timberlake be worried about his girl Jessica Biel?

I just came across an interesting bit of gossip. According to mediatakeout.com,there may be something going on between rapper Lupe Fiasco and actress Jessica Biel.

Here’s what I found out :

Lupe and Jessica are part of a group of celebrities that are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to help raising awareness for the global clean-water crisis. And according to MediaTakeOut.com snicthes, the entire group went out last night.

And word is that Jessica and Lupe hit it off, and went off BY THEMSELVES to have some privacy.

But it gets EVEN BETTER. According to our snitch, cameras were there rolling – and they got all their FLIRTY FLIRTY activity on tape. The footage (assuming they don’t cut it out) is set to air in an MTV documentary in March.

Too hot for TV!!!


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