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According to the Associated Press, Virginia has become the first state to adopt temporary workplace safety rules and procedures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board voted to approve rules for businesses that include social distancing requirements, notifications for employees when a co-worker has tested positive for the virus and timelines for when employees who recover from the virus can return to work.

“In the face of federal inaction, Virginia has stepped up to protect workers from COVID-19, creating the nation’s first enforceable workplace safety requirements,” said Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat.

Under the new rules, businesses will be required to do the following:

  • Have regular cleanings of high-contact surfaces and mandate that all
  • All businesses must impose social distancing measures.
  • Masks are required for employees who interact with customers and when social distancing measures can’t be maintained.
  • Employers must provide easy access to hand sanitizer or a hand washing station.
  • An employer has 24 hours to notify workers when an employee tests positive for the virus.
  • Workers who test positive or are suspected to be positive for the virus cannot return to work for 10 days or until they receive two consecutive negative tests.

These new rules seem pretty Common Sense-ish but definitely something that is needed to be in place as more and more businesses are opening back up.

For more info on these new business mandated rules click here.