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While commenting on the Drake and Pusha T beef, Styles P made sure to clarify a rumor that he once dissed Aaliyah after her death.

When Roc-A-Fella and D-Block were beefing, Styles allegedly spit a lyric that went like this, “Rock the boat rock the boat / That’s one less bitch in a Roc-A-Wear coat.” A fan brought it up when Styles gave his expert opinion on today’s battle.

“I just heard it and all I have to say to that is, when did I ever have that flow? when was I ever wack?,” said Styles in Reddit forum.

XXL reported in 2014:

The audio has never been officially released but for years hip-hop fans have claimed that they have heard the verse at one point or another. Last week, a member of The Coli message board finally came through with a low-quality audio rip of the song. After much discussion on the message board, another member of the community claimed that the whole thing was a prank set up by him and his friend to piss off Roc-A-Fella fans:

Styles typed, “When they say you went too far . You did good when it comes to lyrical warfare !!Family should be and supposed to be off limits but once that line is crossed it’s no holds barred ..finish your opponent. Kill em all and let GOD sort em out gotta be the mentality.”

Hit the jump to hear the person who started the rumor come clean.

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