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President Donald Trump rallied his base on Tuesday night by feeding them lies about how his policies have benefited African Americans.

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Speaking to about 1,000 supporters in Nashville, the president claimed falsely that his policies have improved the lives of Black people, who, he said, have voted for Democrats “for over 100 years.” Aside from Trump’s obvious lie about African Americans only voting for Democrats over the past century, the president’s policies have in fact been detrimental to the Black community.

In education, the president has looked for ways to cut education funding to public schools. This comes as many Black children attend schools in building that should be condemned, like many in Detroit, and schools that lack the resources that wealthy school districts offer their students. Moreover, rather than reducing bias in schools, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos approved new guidance, which took effect in March, that permits investigators in her department to disregard civil rights cases.

The president has also falsely insisted that he’s responsible for the decline in Black unemployment. However, it has been declining steadily since President Barack Obama’s presidency. Indeed, economists have credited Obama’s financial recovery initiative from the recession for the declining unemployment. In 2010, during the recession, the Black unemployment rate hit 16.8 percent, but it continued to decrease, falling to 7.8 percent when Trump took office.

At the same time, Trump has ushered in an era of increased hate crimes with his embrace of White supremacists, particularly after Charlottesville. The president folded this racist attitude into his immigration policy, calling for a limit on immigration from African nations and Haiti—places he referred to as “shithole countries.”

Trump now wants to blame his failed policy of separating migrant children from their parents on President Obama and the Democrats.

The president came under criticism after an administration official told a Senate subcommittee in April that the Health and Human Services Department lost track of nearly 1,500 migrant children who were taken from their parents by federal officials.

In fact, separating migrant parents and children is a Trump administration policy, according to NPR. Attorney General Jeff Sessions articulated the policy in a May 7 speech in Arizona.


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