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This story is like a hug from baby Jesus. Courtesy of Damon Young at Very Smart Brothas, a White woman in Washington, D.C. tried to touch a Black woman’s dog without permission and got the cops called on her. She cried and had a complete breakdown on the street, very BBQ Becky style. Thankfully, this glorious moment was captured on video.

PICTURES & VIDEO: White Woman Who Called Cops On Black BBQ Becomes Hilarious Meme

Ayanna Neptune posted the video on her social media with a caption that read, “A white woman tried to touch my dog without permission, and got herself arrested. Can’t say it doesn’t feel like justice.” You can hear her scream, “Let go of me! I haven’t done anything! I didn’t do anything!” However, the best moment was the woman saying, “I was just talking to someone’s dog.” The cop replied, “Why are you talking to a dog?” In addition, she is clearly resisting, but the cops still handle her with care.

Watch the video below:

As you can imagine, the comments are hilarious. Krystal Coston wrote, “Stop resisting. If you just comply, you wouldn’t be in this situation…. this thug.” Exactly, why not just follow all orders? I am surprised one of the officers didn’t “fear” for their life.

Toby Dyroff wrote, “Take notes guys all we gotta do is cry and fall on the ground and we good!”

Of course we all wish we could do this when being approached by the police. If all it took was a few tears and pouting, police brutality would be non-existent. Even when Black men are unarmed and fatally shot, we can’t get a police officer in jail — unless you are a Black cop who shot a white person.

Let this video inspire you to pull a BBQ Becky whenever you even sense a White person is breaking the law. Stay woke!


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