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When is the last time you unexpectedly came up with some extra funds? I mean walking in the parking lot and finding $20 lying on the ground, random? Or putting your clothes in the washing machine and pulling $10 from the pocket.

It doesn’t happen often but all of us have experienced the feeling of randomly finding money that you didn’t have before whether it’s $5 or $50.

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Imagine experiencing that feeling on the regular. Anxiously waiting because you know any minute you could gain extra pocket change. Yes, it’s possible!

Realistically everyone can use more money. It doesn’t matter if you think you have one of the best jobs out right now, or if you’re just content with your current financial situation. There is always more money to be made!

I myself have a good job that a lot of people would easily get content with because of the simple fact that the pay is good but the goal is to not be financially content but to be satisfied.

Being a millennial and getting too comfortable with your current situation can hinder your potential as a true money maker.

Why wait every two weeks for that direct deposit to hit when you could be making the extra change every day of the week?

The key is to figure out what service or good you can offer that people look for on a day to day basis. Do some serious brainstorming. Little things that you do on a regular, you never know if people are looking for someone to do that exact thing.

My last post talked about how to identify yourself in today’s modern world. Depending on what conclusion you came to, that can help kick start this whole process. The Millennial student, employee, entrepreneur, leader, or consumer may have an idea that others are waiting on.

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Once you have chosen the best category to identify yourself with, jot down some ways you can contribute to others that may fall into your category as well. For example, if you are a millennial student and you are doing excellent in a certain course this semester, think about holding some tutoring sessions.

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If you look at yourself as a millennial leader, think about future mentorship programs or organizations you can join to get yourself more involved.

Remember that the mission of financial literacy is to provide a lifetime of well-being. Discovering things now can lead you to financial stability in the future.

If this is your desire it is vital to stay committed. Plan, have a strategy and execute. The best way to be productive is to just knock out one thing at a time. If you haven’t created your list of short and long-term goals, now is definitely the time to do so. I’m not saying this will be a walk in the park. It takes money to make money and it takes a lot of guts and faith to do that with hopes of a big financial return but once again, it is possible!

Everything is a trial and error. There will be times when you might feel like you’ve taken some steps back and maybe even lost a few dollars along the way. Try not dwell too much on the temporary money and focus on the finish line.

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You have the potential to start the next big idea or business in your area. Next week I will go into greater detail about the most effective ways to spend a check and watch it come right back. Trust the process, we’re about to recycle some money!

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