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Warren Ballentine and Attorney Robert Glennen III explain everything you need to know about the changes that Donald Trump‘s administration is implementing that are just direct attacks on civil rights in America. They discuss how, using the “politics of false assumption,” Trump’s administration is deceptively rolling back policies that protect people’s basic rights. From the voter fraud case in Texas and Trump’s extreme claims of voter fraud with no evidence to support them, to Jeff Sessions’ mishandling of his role as head of the Department of Justice, this administration is really aiming to destroy people’s rights.

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Glennen notes that with elections and new administration inevitably comes change, but “people’s civil rights should not be subject to the political whims of the party that’s in power.” Plus, he and Warren break down Donald Trump’s latest speech, in which he came off more presidential on the surface, but was continuing the same divisive and racist rhetoric. Everything in the speech was derogatory toward black and brown people. Warren also touches on the major issue of domestic terrorism, and the fact that white supremacists are the majority of perpetrators of terrorism in this country, but nobody is addressing it truthfully in the mainstream. They also discuss the major moves the White House aims to make in regards to private prisons. Click on the audio player above, and the second part below to hear more in this crucial exclusive interview on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

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