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London Fashion Week brought beautiful fashion and serious style to the fashion industry. There was an endless influence of melanin beauty as Black models command the runway in the latest fashions and designs.

Marques’Almeida, whose work has been seen on popstars Rihanna and Beyonce, featured their latest designs with a unique twist. Nina Simone, the late jazz legend was used as the fashion company’s soundtrack when it was their turn to dominate the runway with their fashions.

The Marques’Almeida show stood out from the rest of the presentations and runway shows featured during the week. As the first model stepped out in a black and white striped suit with an eccentric twist, the words of Simone strongly reflected the show’s theme: “An artists’ duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.

From that point, the show was filled with fun, metallic and colorful fabrics that amplified diversity and acknowledged their massive support on social media displaying the types of designs made for the extroverted millennial – all while her music played in the background.

The dynamic duo took time during the bustling show to give Nina Simone further acknowledgement, noting the realness of diversity. “If there was ever a time to talk about diversity, it’s now,” said Marques. “All our girls are different and we wanted to celebrate that.”

Yes to London Fashion Week closing out with Black girl magic. Looking forward to see what they will bring in the fall!


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