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Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Host The Pool After Dark

Blac Chyna threw a little shade last night.

The soon-to-be mom of Rob Kardashian‘s first-born child went on a bit of a rant on Snapchat, and her topic of choice? “Fake Ass Bitches.” Of course, everyone initially assumed she was coming for her frenemies, the Kardashian sisters, but Chyna insisted her comments had nothing to do with her own relationships.

“It’s so funny bitches always gotta new bestie every week Fake Ass Bitches,” she wrote before adding, “Bitches tell all they business to the next bitch… And [then] have a falling out now ur business all out in the streets ! Be smart. Know the company u keep !!!! Everybody not your bestie !!!!” 

So as not to stir up any controversy, Chyna then informed fans, “Guys don’t worry Nothing happen with me I’m just putting y’all bitches on game.”


That was far from the end of her funny tirade against phonies.

When she was good and ready, Chyna threw one of her favorite filters on and said in a Southern accent, “I feel like preaching tonight! Now I done figured you out. I done figured y’all girls out. Y’all think y’all slick. See, y’all always wanna be in something. … And now you want to go hang out with the next hot little cute thang. And now you hanging all out with the girl, calling her your bestie. You don’t even like the bitch. I don’t get it! And this is exactly why, y’all, I mind my motherfucking goddamn business and I stay in the house, bitch!”

So who could Ms. Angela be talking about?

SOURCE: Us Magazine | PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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