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Via Watch What Happens Live:

“That episode where [Phaedra] and I were trying to resolve our issues, and she was like ‘Well, the feds have been coming to me about his stuff,’ that aired that week [the feds visited],” said Kandi. “But then she also was upset with Todd about something that he tweeted or something. It was so weird because then a couple days later this happened, so I didn’t know if it was because of the TV show or if it was because she was upset. I didn’t know. The timing of it was so weird.”

According to Phae, if Kandi had doubts about her then it makes no sense that Kandi came to her Christmas party and allowed Phaedra to throw her a baby shower.

“If you have friends that you think would do something like that to you, why would you come to my Christmas event? Why would you allow me to come visit you in the hospital after you had your baby? And then, why would you allow me to throw you a baby shower?”

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