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11 Alive reports:

Sam Benson, “Blac Youngsta,”  stopped by a Wells Fargo bank in Atlanta to withdraw $200,000 cash from his account.

When he came out of the bank, a police officer pointed at him.

“They come bum rushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head, so I’m like ‘What I’d do,’” Benson said. “A lady was like I’m not supposed to have…$200,000 on me. I’m like, ‘I’m a millionaire. How can I not have $200,000 on me?’”

Benson claimed that acted this way because  someone had written a bogus check previously.

“They thought I did it too, but I’m legit,” Benson said. “They confused me with whoever they were looking for.”

Benson said police apologized. The police initially took $100,000 of his cash, but later gave it back.

The rapper said he withdrew the cash to buy a Mayback. However, after the incident he is now leaning to wards a Ferarri.

“I’m feeling fast,” Benson said.

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