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So this guy Glen Rice Jr. gets the silly n*gga of the month award. You can’t treat Atlanta like the “Wild, Wild West” This guy gets in a Gun Fight at T.I.P’s restaurant. I find it disrespectful on so many levels. 1. Why would you bring that kind of heat on a Black establishment. 2. What are you doin sellin weed bro?!?!? 3. Why did you ditch the gun in the place where you got into the gun fight. Silly N8gga man. Read the article below for more details.

TMZ.com – a fight broke out at Scales 925 on Sunday night … after a verbal argument inside the eatery spilled out into the parking lot.

During the incident, shots were fired … and Rice was shot in the leg.

Cops say they have footage showing Rice running from the scene of the crime and ditching a gun by throwing it on a stairwell.

Rice was shown on footage getting into a Porsche and leaving the scene.

Police responded and pulled over the Porsche and found Rice Jr. bleeding from the leg — while in possession of 240 grams of marijuana and $6,000 in cash.