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Dej Loaf’s former girlfriend Angeleah Speights aka Aye Redd, spilled the tea to BOSSIP exclusively about her relationship with Dej Loaf.

“They’re not together they’re not a couple,” Speights told BOSSIP when asked about Dej’s relationship with Durk. “They don’t f**k around at all. I think they’re trying to make it seem like they’re together. I don’t know what it is but it’s fake.”

They are both from Detroit…

“My best friend was managing her at one point in time, my sister and Dej sister were best friends,’ Redd revealed to BOSSIP. “We started dating last year, we just became really good friends,” Angeleah told BOSSIP. “I never dated a girl before her. She was the first girlfriend I ever had.”

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“I was definitely turned out,” Aye Redd tells BOSSIP. “I was 100% aware of my decision, everything I’ve done and who I’ve been with, I don’t point any fingers at nobody for what’s happened with my life or what is going on with my life. I don’t regret our relationship at all. I just wish I… How can I say this? I feel like it was never put out there or came out of my mouth but it was obvious we were dating, it wasn’t a secret. I was with her every day, for every appearance, every performance, every time she was on set.”

“Back in March we ended up breaking up due to infidelities,” Aye Redd told BOSSIP.”I was cheated on with her stylist Kara. That’s not a secret, everybody knows it. It was on blog sites. It was humiliating for me, I was really hurt. I never received a sorry type of thing from her. No kind of sorry on social media. I was done. At the time we were living together. She went about her way and I went about my way.”

“Recently she reached out to me to apologize and said she was sorry,” Speights explained to BOSSIP. “She said ‘I’m perfect,’ the grass wasn’t greener on the other side, that type of thing.”

On Lil Durk…

“She’s single she can date whoever she wants, but you’re not going to make it seem like I’m bitter,” Speights told BOSSIP “We’ve been together the last two weeks. I feel like I am who I am, people obviously know my name and people need to hear it come out of my mouth seriously. That was my girlfriend, she cheated on me with her stylist and she wanted to reconnect and we did. Now they trying to play it like her and Durk are together.”

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“I just hate they try to make it like I’m the bitter ex-girlfriend. No I am the girlfriend who got cheated on i’m not bitter. And I’m the girlfriend you wanted back but you don’t know how to deal with the public. That’s the end of the story. I’m not bitter, I’m not desperate. I do my own thing. I’m not on her. When I post stuff she is literally never on my page. I was just with her at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, if I post some shit it’s to feel better.”

“I’m just tired of hearing ‘you mad Dej with Durk’ when it’s a lie and you sleeping with me,” Angeleah told BOSSIP.” So yeah, let’s clear the air.”

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“I just want some respect. I find it very fake you can clear the air about any rumor about you but when it comes to me you try to act like it’s not real and it never happened. It’s out there. If it wasn’t out there I wouldn’t care, it would be like our secret but I feel like you can’t leave me hanging like you don’t f**k with me. You definitely f**k with me. that’s what bothers me the most. I don’t want nothing from her, I don’t want anything from her I don’t even want a friendship with her because I feel like a friend wouldn’t even do nothing like that. It’s nothing. I don’t want anything from her I just want to clear my name.
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