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You know what they say: It doesn’t exist until white people say so.

Afros have been an African-American hairstyle since way back when. Now it’s a trend. Allure magazine decided to let you know that you (yes, you) can get an afro. It’s apparently a retro enough look to fit into the magazine’s “Retro Modern” feature. To prove this, the magazine used a white model — The Last Ship‘s Marissa Neitling — to do so. Mind you, Neitling normally looks like this:

She seems very proud of that photoshoot, too.

Of course, many know cultural appropriation and caucasity when they see it. Allure was quickly taken to task.

As you’d expect, Allure issued a statement (to BuzzFeed) that’s obligatory and stale rather than addressing the main issue here.

“The Afro has a rich cultural and aesthetic history,” the statement says. “In this story, we show women using different hairstyles as an individual expressions [sic] of style. Using beauty and hair as a form of self-expression is a mirror of what’s happening in our country today. The creativity is limitless—and pretty wonderful.”

Creativity is a helluva euphemism…

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