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It’s no secret that the biggest issue in hip-hop right now is between Meek Mill and Drake. The issue began when Meek claimed Drake has a ghost writer, which is a death sentence in hip-hop. It continued with Drake releasing a calm warning shot Meek’s way. While Meek failed to drop a track on Monday (July 27), the ball is still in his court, and the verdict is still pouring in on his long-awaited response, “Wanna Know.” But the question so far is: Who is winning this battle right now?

The Urban Daily’s newest writers, Bruce Goodwin and Carl Lamarre are both fans of Drake and Meek Mill respectively, but lines have been drawn. Today, the two discuss the current champ of hip-hop’s latest drama-filled saga on Gchat, we’re all great debates are settled.

Check out the exchange below:

Carl Lamarre: Yo Drake’s diss was super soft man.

Bruce Goodwin:But at least he had a diss track, all Meek did was tweet… and troll.

CL: But, at least Meek had the balls to even call out Drake. The thing about Drake is that he continues to throw subliminals. He didn’t even say Meek’s name on the record!

BG: That may be true, but those subs were amazing, and true. That line, “No woman ever had me star struck, Or was able to tell me to get my bars up” is all about Nicki and Meek

CL: I can’t lie, I made the ugly face when I heard that line, but guess what, while Drake simply insinuated that he slept with Nicki, Meek is over here doing the real thing! #Winning



BG: LOL, while that is true, Meek started the beef and didn’t have the bars to back them up. Meek snitched for no reason.

CL: You can call it snitching, I call it weeding out the bullsh-t. No one has ever called out Drake. Nobody. It has always been about subliminals with Drake. Meek called him out like a man, when no other rapper has. Let’s remember, Meek is from the streets. He’s not scared to get busy. Meek is a batter rapper. Those bars are well on the way. Remember what he did to Cassidy? Meek can very well make this a very entertaining battle, if he chooses to go that route. If not, all good, he’ll still be eating on tour with Nicki.

BG: Not the first time Drake’s been called out! Common called out Drake and he’s been making movies ever since. Don’t forget Hov called him “Mrs. Drizzy.” The person who has beat Drake in a beef is Pusha T. Do we even need to discuss his subs at Chris Brown? And yeah, Meek is a street rapper. What’s the number 1 rule in the streets?? DON’T SNITCH!! He gave Meek the hottest song on his album. Meek can get busy on the mic, but he needs to go deeper than gun bars and screaming at the top of his lungs. He needs to say some personal stuff, like Jay-z did to Nas in “Takeover.” The only question is whether Meek will actually respond to Drake’s diss (and he should).

CL: I love Common. He’s one of my favorite rappers, but Drake killed him on “Stay Schemin.’” But, this goes back to my point, when Common originally dissed Drake on “Sweet,” he didn’t even mention his name on the record! Hov did get Drake, after the two have been throwing subs for months. Meek didn’t hide anything. He said stop comparing him to Drake with no hesitation. And “R.I.C.O.” isn’t even the hottest song on his DWMTM. Don’t disrespect Meek, man. “Cold Hearted?” “The Trillest?” “Lord Knows?” I think Meek is going to drop the record when we least expect it. He’s not going to go out like a sucker.

BG: I’ll give you that one. Drake should’ve said his name, especially after Common called him Canada Dry. And the Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” sample at the end? Cold. And I’m still wondering who on Earth is comparing Meek to Drake? The leaders of the new school are Drake, J. Cole, and Big Sean. Meek is on that second tier. He’s seems like a sucker already, he needs to drop a track ASAP, before the beef bubbles over. And yes, “Lord Knows” is a great track, which features another Canadian great, Tory Lanez.

CL:Tory Lanez needs to drop! That boy is talented. You can’t mention the new school without saying Kendrick’s name. I love Big Sean. He’s so dope, but I might even throw Meek over him. Hell, I might throw in Future. Meek has outsold Big Sean with his last two albums. Sean was on the verge of drowning if it wasn’t for DSP. Meek has the third highest selling week one numbers in Rap this year. You gotta give  him some love man.

BG: Kendrick is overrated, but that’s a totally different conversation. Sales aren’t everything though. I’d argue that Big Sean has had a larger cultural impact than Meek has on hip-hop. He represents the street, and people are looking for more content now. But, I’ll admit Meek does have the streets on lock.

CL: He does man, but for how long? I gotta admit, Drake slayed Meek on “Back to Back.” I think Meek was waiting for Drake to come at him harder because he thought “Charged Up” was “baby lotion soft.” I think Meek is going to do a “Dreams & Nightmares” track times 10! Just wait on it.

BG: Haha. I’m surprised Drake let Meek perform in Toronto last night! But after this morning’s ether, Meek has to drop today. The longer he waits, the less impact it will have.  And Drake sending Charlamagne Tha God bottles may have been the last nail in Meek’s coffin.

CL: Yeah, the score isn’t looking too good for Meek. Yeah, he’s down 20, but there’s still time on the clock for the Philly rapper to operate on Aubrey.


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