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The Texas Department of Public Safety is under fire today for apparently making edits to the dashcam footage of Sandra Bland’s infamous arrest. Filmmaker Ben Norton highlighted various points of the footage that depict interrupted and looped frames where passing cars vanish into the air or reappear at odd moments. There is also a shot where a man leaving a truck parked in front of Bland’s car exits his vehicle and walks down the street twice, back-to-back.

Norton points out the edits showing the disappearing car here:

Norton also shows the doctored frames of the man leaving his vehicle here:

No one knows exactly who is behind the sloppy edits but according to NBC News, the Texas DPS is investigating the issue. Ava DuVernay, the renowned movie director, backed up Norton’s claims, tweeting:

On top of the mysterious factors surrounding Bland’s death while in police custody, this just made things considerably worse for the Texas DPS amid the murder investigation and FBI probe on Bland’s case. The officer in the video, Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia, is currently on administrative duties after it was found that he violated procedure while detaining Bland.


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