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San Francisco Approves Ordinance For Health Warnings For Sugary Soda Ads

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You might be too young to remember, but in 1992, Pepsi bestowed upon us Pepsi Clear but it quickly left the shelves a year later.

Most products are brought back these days thanks to some campaign by fans, and this time it was no different for Pepsi Clear. Kevin Strahle, who has a popular YouTube channel, uploaded a video a month ago asking the company to bring the cola back. Strahle then uploaded Pepsi’s response on company letterhead telling his viewers to stay tuned. So is it coming back?? We hope so, because we what we need in the world are more clear drinks.

There are other discontinued foods that we want to make a comeback. Which ones were your favorite?

3D Doritos 

They had the BEST crunch.

Clearly Canadian

We really thought this was healthy soda (hey, it was the ’90s, and we were naive back then) and it tasted AMAZING.

Crispy M&M’s 

Airy things are better.


Cookies + frosting = magic.

Sprite Remix

Sprite might be the G.O.A.T. of sodas, so who wouldn’t want the remix?


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