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Whether he’s checking out of line agitators on Twitter or live at a sporting event, Wale has been hasn’t been reluctant about combating what he deems as disrespect. When asked how he balances or altogether avoids negative criticism, Wale was as direct with his appraisal of himself as he is with detractors.

“I’m not very successful with that,” Wale told The Mad Hatta of 97.9’s “Mad Hatta Morning Show.” “I try to avoid it and be postitive. Sometimes it’s hard too. I’m not the very best at that, and I speak my mind a lot… There’s so many online, you’d think they’re there in real life. You’d think you’d bump into some of them occasionally.”

Wale chalked the matter up to both technology and a sociological issue, calling some sections of the Internet a “platform for hate.” He also pointed out what he referred to as a tendency for blacks to be self-loathing.

“We really show a disdain for our own kind,” Wale added. “When national tragedy or a situation like Trayvon [Martin] happens, we tend to rally, get riled up and temporarily become pro black. But as soon as Twitter’s ready for a dark-skinned/light-skinned conversation, we show our ugly side again.”

The full interview, which also covers Wale’s thoughts on a full Go-Go album and his connection with Jerry Seinfeld for The Album About Nothing is available at

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