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Who knew “The Fast & Furious” franchise would make it seven films deep? How many car tricks can one person watch? Apparently a lot.

With a core following, “Fast & Furious” is every racer’s favorite flick and with the latest installment out in the theaters this week, we’re anticipating the parking lot at the movie theater to be packed with cars that have engines peeking out the hood.

What we love most about “The Fast & The Furious” (besides the cool cars and Vin Diesel in a tank top, obviously) are all the revolving celebrities who make appearances behind the wheel and keep the franchise fresh. And this time around, the controversial rapper Iggy Azalea makes a cameo.

Tyrese, who stars as Roman Pearce in the James Wan-directed flick, opened up to us about Iggy Azalea’s role in the film a def and how surprised he is fans stuck around this long.

“None of us knew that the fans would continue to show up on this level and support this franchise,” he said. “Iggy is definitely in the movie. I wasn’t on the set when she filmed but I think she is talented.”

He added, “I think all the controversy around Iggy’s career is that she’s a White rapper. The more White rappers that come out every year, the more I think the hip-hop community will get used to it being a multi-ethnic experience.”

Watch the clip, above.


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