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Tonight’s Scandal was all about the twists and turns of getting Cyrus and Michael to the church on time.

Cyrus’ fake fiancé, Michael, got caught doing the most at a popular gay bar, and when the evidence showed up on Instagram Olivia demanded that Cyrus and he get married immediately, and in a big way. She convinced Mellie to make Cyrus’ and Michael’s wedding her cause du jour, appealing to Mellie’s political ambitions as reason to take on this major smoke and mirrors project. Former VP Sally emerged just in time to throw serious shade on the pending nuptials, Cyroffering a reward for anyone who could prove Cyrus’ and Michael’s relationship was a fraud.

Huck found some guy named Philip Reid, who was not only seeing Michael but also scheduled to appear on Sally’s Liberty Report show to blow Cyrus and Michael out of the water.

Olivia was haunted by a recurring nightmare where she is running from her captors and throwing a ring in Fitz’s face. In a flashback, Fitz gave Liv a ring that had belonged to his grandmother, which he was supposed to give to his wife but never felt it was right to give to Mellie. He told Liv the ring had come from France and was called “doux bébé,” sweet baby. Liv woke up from her dream and went through her house searching for the ring, which she found hidden in a vase.

Sally was ready to have Michael’s alleged lover on her show to prove once and for all that his relationship with Cyrus was a sham. Liv tried to promise her a shot at the White House, but Sally scoffed at the notion and refused to cancel the interview. Liv went back to Sally with an ultimatum, demanding she cancel the interview or Liv would reveal that Sally’s deceased husband, who had been widely rumored to have been closeted and which Sally knew to be true, had been one of Michael’s clients. Liv showed Sally her husband’s name on Michael’s client list, and Sally quickly changed her tune.

Cyrus encouraged Liv to throw Michael under the bus, to make it seem as though he had cheated on Cyrus so they could call off the wedding. Later, Cyrus met Michael’s parents for dinner, and found out that Libby not only paid them to come but also that Michael’s parents had tried to send him a camp to “fix him” when he was younger. After watching Michael’s parents belittle and berate Michael, all for money, Cyrus had a change of heart and went through with the wedding.

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