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Police arrived at Annalise’s house and told her and Hannah that Sam was dead.  Hannah flew off in a rage and accused Annalise of killing Sam and covering it up.

Annalise led the students in her new case, a drug case with possible mob ties.

Rebecca tried to give Wes an out, but he refused to abandon her.

News coverage continued to follow the story of Sam’s murder, and Bonnie revealed that the detectives were working on securing a warrant to search the house.  Annalise instructed her to head to the judge to stop the warrant, and to tell the judge Annalise had to meet a client.

Hannah testified that Annalise threw a paperweight at Sam during one of Hannah’s visits three years prior, and Bonnie questioned what led to the fight in the first place.  Hannah challenged Bonnie to ask better questions, but the damage was already done.  The search was underway.

Hannah and Annalise got into it outside the house, and Bonnie apologized profusely for not being able to stop the search.  The police found the scales of justice from the trophy, but Bonnie reattached the piece and took it into another room.

After an extensive and suspense-filled search, the police came up with nothing.

Bonnie told Frank about the carpet fibres and debris from a wooded area found in Sam’s remains.

Annalise called Connor into her office to let him say what he needed to say to her, after she caught him complaining to the others that she wasn’t protecting them like she promised.  Annalise assured Connor that she and him were very much alike, and that she knew he wouldn’t be able to trust her, but he needed to stop worrying and remember that she was his only option.

Nate filled Annalise in on the investigation and promised he would give her the results of whatever he found.  When Annalise pressed him, Nate couldn’t bring himself to ask her if she murdered Sam.

Bonnie confronted Annalise about Sam’s murder, and warned her that she wouldn’t get away with it unless she talked to the police and curbed the students once and for all.

The police called Annalise in for questioning, and Rebecca told the students the cops found a ring in the woods.  The police showed Annalise a photo of the ring, which turned out to be Sam’s, and asked if Annalise whose finger print was on the ring.

In a very strange turn of events, Nate was arrested for Sam’s murder.  Hannah confronted Annalise at the police station and said she was sure that Nate had killed Sam for Annalise.

A tearful Annalise phoned her mother.

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