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Tyga Boycotts Club for Banning Underage Kylie

According to TMZ, Tyga pulled a no-show for a club appearance when the place shot down his demands to get his underage “girlfriend” Kylie Jenner into the West Hollywood hot spot.

Sources at Greystone Manor tell TMZ … Tyga begged and pleaded with promoters to get 17-year-old Kylie admitted — calling several times throughout the day. We’re told he even pushed his arrival time to 1:30 AM while trying to negotiate Kylie’s entry.

When the club wouldn’t budge, he bailed. TMZ says Tyga pulling out pissed off sponsor, Ciroc, in a big way. The club is trying to reschedule, but since the 21-and-over rule isn’t changing it seems pretty hopeless.

Masika Trashes Nikki for Exposing “Fake” Mally Mall Phone Call

Anyone following Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this season would know that Masika Kalysha and Nikki Mudarris have a deep rooted beef with one another, which was recently stirred up. According to Vlad TV, Nikki got things stirred up after posted an alleged phone call from Masika, whom she claims called up her boyfriend Mally Mall, crying on the phone.

Masika wasn’t about to let her name get dragged through the mud, and slammed Mally’s girlfriends claims, and said she would never call the music producer for any reason. She later added that Mally and Nikki should be worried about the FBI calling her for information, referring to the producer recently being investigated by the bureau.

Did Somebody Hurt Princess Love?

Baller Alert has exclusively obtained photos of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Princess Love, with a black eye.

However, Baller Alert also adds that theycouldn’t find anything online about someone beating Princess Love up. Now they did find an article saying that Princess attacked Morgan during the taping of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s reunion show in New York earlier this month. In the article it said that Morgan kept telling everyone within ear shot that Ray J abused her and apparently Princess had enough of it and hauled off and decked her. However, that article according to Baller Alert made it sound as if Morgan got laid out, but from the photo posted shortly after the scuffle, Morgan suffered some type of injury to her hand and if these photos are a result of Morgan’s doing, it looks like she won.

Then you have Ray J. After last night’s sneak preview of Ray J & Princess’ poolside dinner that lead to Princess getting dunked. People are questioning whether Ray J is the culprit and Morgan’s allegations are true. Princess has been pretty adamant that Ray has never laid a hand on her and I’m sure if he did, he’d be facing the Yung Berg treatment right now

Which leads to the question who put the paws on Princess Love?

VH1 Confirms Love & Hip Hop NY Season 5 Cast

According to Baller Alert, December 15th marks the return of Love & Hip Hop NY and back in August Baller Alert dropped some exclusive tea on the new cast of the reality show that launched many other reality shows. Joining Love and Hip Hop vets Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, Yandy Smith, Mandeecees Harris, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace are newcomers C**** Santana, Cisco Rosado, Diamond Strawberry, Chrissy Crastanda and Precious Paris. When we’re right, we’re right! Read below for a little background on each character.

C.h.i.n.k Santana- is a talented music producer who has worked with artists such as Ashanti and Keyshia Cole. His girlfriend Chrissy Crastanda would like to solidify their relationship, but C.h.i.n.k’s commitment to his family and work may prevent them from moving forward.

Chrissy Crastanda- is a NYC socialite and owner of a modeling agency. She is ready to start a family with her boyfriend C**** but his other commitments and delayed divorce are putting her wishes on hold.

Cisco Rosado- is a well-known producer who has worked with Tank, Jim Jones and Uncle Murder. His “don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship with his girlfriend Diamond Strawberry takes a turn for the worst when she decides to move to NY to be closer to him and later finds out he has been dishonest.

Diamond Strawberry- daughter of New York Mets outfielder Daryl Strawberry, Diamond has moved to NY from L.A. to start her career as a model and build her relationship with her boyfriend Cisco but her decision backfires when she finds out her boyfriend has betrayed her.

Precious Paris- formerly signed to 50 cent’s label G-UNIT, recently signed a management deal with Dollaz Unlimited. But when another artist is added to her manager’s roster, she is disappointed to find out that she may be sharing her spotlight.

Returning fan favorites include:

Yandy Smith has her family back – Mendeecees is home and ready to rebuild his life. The couple is expecting a daughter and are raising their son together but with his pending trial looming over their heads, will it jeopardize their happily ever after?

Peter Gunz continues to struggle managing his love triangle with his wife Amina and his longtime girlfriend Tara. Now, Amina and Tara are turning the tables on Peter and secrets that were still in the dark will be brought to light.

Erica Mena has recently gotten engaged and has begun to make her way as an entrepreneur but will she be able to keep it together if her ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana teams up with her ex-lover Rich Dollaz?

Rich Dollaz is infamous for blurring the lines of business and pleasure, and now he has found his way in between two new female artists. Will he be able to overcome his temptation, stick to business and make them stars?

Love & Hip Hop season 5 will premiere on Monday, December 15 at 8 PM ET/PT.

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