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“I’m gonna record my vocals from the pool!” LV says with a straight face. Sean C’s partner in beats has the studio at Daddy’s House rolling as he reveals his plans to record a solo album called “Get In the Pool/I’m Scared of Guns.” Seriously.

“I like swimming,” he adds matter-of-factly. “But I’m scared of guns. That’s real life. I’m not gonna rap about things I don’t do.”

However crazy the concept might be you know that the beats will be right. The duo known as Grind Music have stacked their resume banging out hits for Ghostface, Big Pun, P. Diddy and Jay Z to name a few. Their first group release, “Loud Dreams: Volume 1″ features everyone from ASAP Ferg and Dom Kennedy to veterans like Busta Rhymes and Reakwon, and is setting them up for even bigger ventures in the future, Like LV’s solo.

“We’ll do some Loud Dreams shows and make it a branded event, a Loud Dreams festival etc. This is something where we’re getting ahead of the curve without waiting for a label,” says Sean C, who put in time as an A&R at Loud Records many years ago. “Let them come to us. We have partners like Pony, Red Bull and Play Cloths that believe in the music. You don’t need a label to make music but whoever wants to talk we’ll talk. Use the relationships you’ve got.”

Watch as the two discuss how they tailor a beat for a specific artist and LV explains the motivation for his guns and life guards project.


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