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In a TT Torrez Exclusive Juicy J Share His Thoughts On This Years Grammys, Project Pat And The Rumored Beef Between Him And Yo Gotti!

On are you comfortable rapping instead of being a producer:

“Yeah, its great because I’m still myself. If you listen to my lyrics or anything I jump on rather its pop or ratchet music, its still me. I’m still having a great time doing me.”

On Do you think Pharrell deserves the Oscars he won?

“I loved the song and all of the other songs are dope also…I told him before he even won it, that he was going to win. Its all good it’s just business, its like game. Some win some lose. He had an amazing performance. Dude is a legend and I’m supposed to do something with him on my album, so I’m excited about that. He probably will get nominated for another one.”

On do you still produce your own beats or do you get other producers to do it?

“Yeah, I’m doing some of my own on my new album now. I love making my own music but I like messing with other producers as well like Mike Will, 808 Mafia, and etc.”

Is this tour with project pat a sign that y’all will get back together?

“Project Pat is my brother, so we always going to make music so you never know. I started that group so I’m definitely open for whatever….I haven’t been on tour with Pat in 10-15 years. Back in the day our tour bus was wild on the tour bus but now I’m about making money. We definitely chilled out.”

Outside of music, what other business interests you?

“Right now I’m just doing music, but I do have a publishing company. I’m signing new producers and stuff like that. I’m also doing some work with Dr. Luke and his label (Kemosoby). So right now were talking about making me the president of his A&R department.”

What inspires your music?

“I just like music. I never felt like it was gone like some people do when they do music for so long. I’m not done yet. My goal is to be an CEO or a president of a major label like Columbia or Def Jam….I’m definitely going to have some meetings with some people at Columbia but I got to work my way up to that.”