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A group of conservative Black pastors are working hard to kick Attorney General Eric Holder out of the White House after his recent remarks on same-sex marriage laws.

Having condemned Holder for trying “to coerce states to fall in line with the same-sex ‘marriage’ agenda,” the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) announced earlier this week a campaign to gather 1 million signatures to impeach the Attorney General.

The coalition believes that Holder has abandoned the oath he swore in taking office and his duty to defend the common good by “pushing” a radical agenda on top state lawmakers.

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This criticism came shortly after Holder informed his state counterparts that they are not obligated to defend laws–particularly legislation banning same-sex marriage–if they believe them to be discriminatory and unconstitutional.

“We must be suspicious of legal classifications based solely on sexual orientation,” he said at Tuesday’s National Association of Attorney General meeting, adding that any decision to refuse state laws must not be considered lightly or frequently.

“What we have in Attorney General Holder is a man so political in his zeal to redefine marriage that he is willing to run roughshod over the rulings of the Supreme Court, binging federal law, and the United States Constitution along with the constitutions of a majority of states,” the Rev. Bill Owens, founder and president of CAAP, said in a press release.

The online petition, which has 7456 signatures as of publication, blasts elected leaders for attempting to destroy marriage and also calls out the White House for its involvement.

“President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have turned their backs on the values the American people hold dear, values particularly cherished in the black community: values like marriage, which should be strengthened and promoted, rather than weakened and undermined,” reads the petition.

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The D.C blog The Hill reports that while the group believes the Obama administration has “sold out,” they are specifically targeting Holder because “going after the nation’s first black president would be a losing battle.”

“If Obama was a white man, he would be impeached,” Rev. William Owens, the group’s founder and president, reportedly told The Hill.

“Obama has been given a free pass to do what he pleases, but I don’t give him a pass. I’m very black, been black all my life. He doesn’t get a pass. I don’t give him a pass.”

According to the CAAP website, the coalition is a grassroots movement of Christians who believe in traditional family values such as supporting the role of religion in American public life, protecting the lives of unborn and defending the sacred institution of marriage.

The group also claims not to be affiliated with any political party of religious denomination.


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