This week, Toni Braxton stopped by Bethenny to promote her new project with Babyface, while also chatting a little about her divorce, wanting to retire, and girl crushes. During the show, she mentioned that she recently moved to LA where her ex-husband Keri Lewis lives, and that they went about their divorce very peaceful –or “very Caucasian, very white.” In a nutshell, her perception of a black divorce is one where the couples end up hating each other.

Bethenny, whose divorce battle has been all over the headlines, and not so chummy, chimed in, “Then I have a very black divorce, no?”

Peep the exchange below:

Bethenny: So on the break we were talking about you living in LA?

Toni: Yes, I am in LA and my ex-husband is there but we get along great. We are very Caucasian, very white about it.

Bethenny: You are having a very white divorce?

Toni: We are really. We did.

Bethenny: Really. Then I have a very black divorce, no?

Toni: I got it…that means, I hate you Jodi, I hate you Jodi. That’s what it means to black people. (“Baby Boy” reference)

Bethenny: Got it, so a white divorce is you are BFFs, you can live next door.

Toni: Black people, we kind of look and say why is that? Why don’t they hate each other?

Oh Toni…

When hearts, money and kids are involved, most people will be lucky to go to through a peaceful divorce, no matter what race they are.

She also dished on dating, wanting to play a lesbian in Orange Is The New Black, and her girl crush:

On dating:

Dating is interesting. I’ve been out the league a little bit. I need to get back in the swing of things. I went to the OBGYN the other day and she says to me, ‘You need to start using your vagina again.’ She said that! I swear.

On wanting to be on Orange Is The New Black

I would like to be on the show. I would like to play a lesbian. I’ve never been with a woman in my life, that’s probably why my marriage broke up, but I’ve never, ever. I’ve never kissed a girl.

On her girl crush

It’s Ellen. That’s my girl crush!

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