Remember Felicia From “Friday”?

If you’re a daily Instagram user, chances are you’ve come across the meme and hashtag #ByeFelicia. Felicia’s character was crackhead in the classic Black movie “Friday” thus how the line “Bye Felicia”was born. Angela Means-Kaaya played Felicia in the 90s hit but a lot of time has passed since she was begging Smokey to borrow his VCR. Check out how she looks now:

And Angela is doing well for herself. Her son Brad Kaaya was recruited to the Miami Hurricanes football team after a stellar high school football career. The 6’4, 220 pounds quarterback is being prepped for the NFL.

“I remember his father telling me a few dates in – and I’m a sports person, I’ve done everything and I even blew my knees out in high school – that if we had a kid, we’d probably have a quarterback. He told me that while we were dating and I imagined in Scooby Doo’s voice saying, “quarterback?” Eight months later, I was pregnant and I knew he would be an athlete. I set out to do everything right in my pregnancy. I ate right, didn’t get into one dispute. I had a thing for hot dogs, Dr. Pepper, and nectarine every now and then, but I did everything else. I walked constantly and when he came out he was perfect. We did everything we were supposed to do so we’re not shocked at any of this. It was supposed to happen.”

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