Left Eye’s Uncle Defends Pebbles

The VH1 film “CrazySexyCool:The TLC Story” has everyone feeling nostalgic and in their feelings about the Pebbles’ character was portrayed as the movie’s evil villain. Left Eye’s uncle is the latest person to come out and speak on the record-breaking biopic and claims Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes confided in him about TLC’s relationship with the former music executive, and it isn’t the VH1 version.

“At least have some accuracy about the movie! Not just make Tionne and Chilli look like they were bright happy stars who were being messed up and messed around by drunken Lisa who had emotional problems and who wanted to mess up their lives and not let them make any money.”

“And poor Pebbles. Pebbles was not like that to them. In fact towards the end of her life Lisa found out some things that she shared with me. She found out that Pebbles didn’t do any of those things…well…a lot of those things. The contracts. Yes they were shitty contracts, but that’s the contracts everybody had. They were the regular 360 contracts that everybody signs.”

“I can understand why Chili didn’t like Pebbles. But it’s sad. In fact there are rumors that Chili was [messing] with LA Reid. I’ll clarify that with [Pebbles], but I know what Lisa told me. It’s sad how they treated Pebbles in this. They should have given her more honor instead of making her into such villain. She was hard on them but she had to be to get the best out of some young girls that were dealing in an industry that is hard.”

Pebbles also didn’t take kindly to the way she was depicted. She announced that she is going to sue the T-Boz and Chilli and revealed that she is going to tell her side of the story:

Girl bye.

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