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Parents send their children to school believing that it’s a safe haven when in all actuality, it is a placed for undercover predators to sleep with your children. a 53-year-old woman just received a prison sentence of 16 years for carrying on a lesbian affair with a student for four whole years.

Linda Leann Wallace couldn’t escape getting 16 years in prison, despite her daughter emotionally telling the court that her mother wasn’t a predator. Wallace began a sexual relationship with as female student when the student was just 13 years old. During the four years of the relationship, the student and teacher would meet at Wallace’s home, on school grounds, and during school sponsored field trips. The affair ended when the young student graduated from the school, Legacy Christian Academy, where Wallace held the position of music teacher.

Cops arrested Linda Leann Wallace in 2012 after getting tip about the inappropriate relationship. Wallace did plead guilty to engaging with an underage student. Wallace tried to convey to the courts that she was sorry for her heinous actions by telling the court, “I’ve had remorse for many years. I’m terribly sorry. I cry myself to sleep at night for her innocence.”

While most people will have no sympathy for Linda Leann Wallace for her dispicable actions, her lawyer says, “It’s a tragedy for both families. Ms. Wallace is taking full responsibility.”



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Woman Serves 16-Year Prison Sentence For Lesbian Affair With Student  was originally published on theurbandaily.com