The big homie Juicy J called into the TT Torrez Show to g-chat about his recently released major label debut album Still Trippy, being a “seasoned artist” in the rap game with the newcomers, his “twerking” college scholarship giveaway, Miley Cyrus infamous VMA performance, a Three 6 Mafia reunion and more.

On his “formula to success”:

“I was just working everyday. I was in the studio everyday, Christmas, birthdays etc. When I dropped ‘Bandz Make Her Dance’ it took me to another level. People started looking at me as a solo artist, so it was in demand that I drop an album….I never thought about being a solo artist. It just has been a blessing.”

On when he plans to stop rapping:

“I love music, it keeps me motivated. I love R&B ,pop, rock, rap music, I just love making music. Im not going to rap the rest of my life, but I’m definitely going to play a big role in music. I want to be a CEO of a major label one day. The next L.A. Reid or the next Barry Weiss.”

On if he considers himself a legend:

“A lot of time I just consider myself an artist before a legend. People call me that but it really don’t feel like that to me. I try to be there for every artist that’s coming up. If they want me to jump on a song, I have no problem with helping people out.”

On if Miley Cyrus is going to be on the album:

“Actually I did a song with Miley Cyrus, it’s actually Mike Will’s single. Its his first single. Me, Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa The song is called ’23’.….Miley been twerking since she been twerking, that’s why she’s so good at it. When she jumped on stage with me I was like ‘WOW it’s amazing’ that she really can dance. She likes to dance, I know her and she is a real person. She likes to have fun and she’s worth over $200 million so why not.”

On his $50,000 “twerking” scholarship giveaway:

“Yes I’m giving away a $50,000 scholarship and im doing other contest with and you can go there for the details on how to win the scholarship. It a ladies only contest, you also have to be 19 and up. I consider it a great contest and I feel I’m giving back to the community. I like doing stuff like that to help people out…..Everybody don’t have to twerk its not all about dancing. Like I was saying you go to WorldStar and you will find out all the details on what you have to do. This contest is all real. I’m definitely giving out $50,000.”

On a possible Three 6 Mafia reunion without him:

“I own 50% of Three 6 Mafia and I’m one of the founding fathers of Three 6 Mafia. Right now its not going to be a reunion but hopefully down the road it will be something in the works. I’m still apart of the group. I will always be apart of the group. Its great blood between me and these people, we always will be good.”

On his thoughts about Odd Future :

“Them guys are so talented. They don’t copy anyone in the rap industry. I like them because they’re different because they don’t follow anybody trends, just like me.”

On why he cant say ‘NO to ratchet p***y’:

“That was just a line to ‘Bandz Make Her Dance.’ One of my favorite lines. I was doing alot of free-styling when I was actually recording this song and I was going to take that line out but everyone was like ‘naw that line too dope’ so I kept it. It’s just a real true statement.  When you go to the club everyone wants to find the easiest and ratchetest chick. You don’t want to find one that’s trying to charge you. Anybody who go to strip clubs understand what I’m saying.

On his label situation:
Juicy J revealed he’s a third owner of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang record label so everything is good.
Still Trippy is in stores now!

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