Maybach Music Group rapper and friend to the show Wale called up TT Torrez to g-chat about his upcoming third studio album titled, “The Gifted.” Wale’s hit single from the album “Bad,” peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has remained #1 on Urban Charts for six straight weeks.

“The Gifted” will drop June 25th with guest appearances by Rihanna, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, 2Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Sam Dew & Tiara Thomas.

Check out the interview below:


On what’s different on his upcoming album, “The Gifted”:

Wale said, “This is more musical. If you enjoy music, and you enjoy stuff that will make you feel something and think and stuff, you’ll enjoy this album.” He said the music on this album will have to sit in your body and rest in your soul.

On if it’s different making this album than previous album:

Wale said he was able to do what he wanted to do on this album. He said sonically, he was able to do it exactly how he wanted. He said he wrote and produced with in-house MMG producers mainly, Stokely Williams from Mint Condition to get that 90s feel, Just Blaze, and even himself.

On if anything has changed with the success he has gained recently:

Wale said he’s paranoid and it’s hard to find a woman he can appreciate the same way he would have appreciated her before he became famous. He also said he’s trying to avoid a lot of bullsh**. Wale said the more successful you get, the lonelier you feel.

On if he wants a relationship:

Wale said he’s open to having a special lady but he feels we can’t have it all. He said he doesn’t feel a relationship is in the “cards” for him. He also said he’s really not putting any energy into looking for a relationship.

On if he’s afraid of slowing down:

Wale said he’s deathly afraid of slowing down and that’s why he works so hard. He said he’s afraid if he slow down he will lose touch with the people. He said he stays grounded by being true to himself and keeping good people around him.

On how he keeps up with all his clothing, hats, etc. while on the road:

Wale said he lives out of his luggage, literally.

On the album art for “The Gifted”:

Wale along with famed Mr. Cartoon designed the cover. He said he wanted to work with someone inspiring. He said the statue is a real statue of him incorporated with illustrations from his last 2 albums.

On if he gets nervous when going on stage:

Wale admitted to being nervous when he goes overseas but feels more comfortable when he’s in the United States.

On everyone in MMG:

Wale said everyone’s good right now.

Don’t forget! Wale’s new album, “The Gifted” drops June 25th.

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