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Friend to the show Rich Dollaz called up iPower 92.1 to g-chat with TT Torrez about the last episode of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” He talked about his love for Erica Mena, on if he felt PLAYED by Erica, why he gave the track “Where Do I Go From Here” to Olivia AND he confirmed that Joe Budden and Consequence came to blows at the LAHH reunion taping!

Check it out:

On why he’s so “caught up” with Erica Mena:

Rich said he’s not a bad dude and didn’t want to come off as the creep-dude like “yea baby, let me make you a star” meanwhile, only wanting to get into her panties. He said he really loved Erica but at the end of the day

On the song “Where Do I Go From Here” that he gave to Erica first and then gave to Olivia:

Rich said he found the record, paid for the record, put Erica in the studio, hired vocal coaches, etc. At the end of the day he says he owns the record and can do what he wants, so he gave the record to Olivia and it’s currently #10 on iTunes. BOOM!

On if he feels played that Erica didn’t sign the contract for him to manage her:

Rich said he really wins in the situation. He said if you don’t understand how this industry works then you might think you’re getting over, but when it all hits the fan, it gets ugly. He said the song is back on iTunes and he’s making money, so he’s good. Knowledge is power.

On how the conversation ended between Erica & himself on the last episode of “Love & Hip Hop New York”:

Rich said he was reactive in how the whole situation was playing out. He said even if Erica was USING him he needed her to sign the contract so they could make some money. She didn’t sign so he did what he had to do.

On why Erica chose not to sign the contract:

Rich said he felt like she felt she could do it all herself. He said Erica was used to taking small bookings for appearances to make a few dollars. He said Erica didn’t want to take the next step forward to build her brand because she was unsure how she would make some income. He said you have to take two steps back to take four steps forward sometimes.

On if he knew Erica Mena was messing around with DJ Envy while he was still married:

Rich said he didn’t know she was messing with DJ Envy. He said what people do is their own thing, has nothing to do with him.

On his relationship with Erica now:

Rich said they’re cool right now. He said reality shows will always put a strain on a relationship because you’re living your life in the public eye. He said he doesn’t know if they’re going to stay together.

On if Consequence smacked Joe Budden at the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” reunion taping:

Rich said it absolutely happened! He said Consequence ran up on Joe and slapped/punched Joe in the back of the head, then Tahiry hit Cons and then security broke it up. He said he thinks the altercation stemmed from an interview from a while ago. THEN Rich said AFTER the taping it got kind of ugly outside between Joe and Cons. He didn’t give any details but we found a video:

On what he thinks about the “light skin is the right skin” lyric by Consequence for Lore’l:

Rich said when Cons explained it, it kind of made sense and he understood where he was coming from. He also said he understood where Lore’l was coming from too.

On where he wants to go/what he wants to do after LAHH:

Rich said he wants to use this platform he has been given to make his name and his company a household name. He said before he was just the dude behind the dude but now he has everyone’s attention. He said he has to take advantage of this opportunity.