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T-Pain called into the TT Torrez Show to g-chat about rumors of he and his wife being SWINGERS, the baby he had with a reality TV star while still married, whether he’ll be starring in a new reality show and more!

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TT jumped right in on why he was going in on Twitter recently and T-Pain said he was responding to rumors about he and his wife being “swingers” and having an open marriage:

“Alot of people were saying me and my wife were swingers and that we had like a Will-and-Jada kinda open marriage and I was just telling them that me and my wife just sleep with other girls together. It’s not like we can just go off and have relationships with other people. People were assuming we got married for nothing. Just because we smash a every now and then doesn’t mean we have an open marriage”

T-Pain said the fact that they can make decisions like that, together, is why they’re marriage is successful. He and his wife have been married for 10 years. He said he was married before he got his record deal.

Well about the baby he had while still married to his wife?

He ADMITTED to cheating on his wife and having a baby. His baby mama is Elisa Hood, aka “Ms. Cherry” from VH1′s reality show, Miss Rap Supreme. He said being famous,  he couldn’t resist the temptation and has learned his lesson.  “We all got things we need to work on”

What does T-Pain plan on doing for his wife on Valentine’s Day?

Nothing. He said he and his wife don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. He said they feel like if they feel like they need to love each other, they’re going to do it everyday…”not on some man-made holiday.”

What has T-Pain been doing musically? Where has he been?

T-Pain said he has been behind the scenes a lot. He said a lot of music that’s out now that people are enjoying is because of him. He said he has been writing country records for different country artists, directing videos and started working on a movie. He said people are taught to like “what’s supposedly hot,” so if you aren’t making music they say “you fell off.” He said fans are forced to like certain songs. You get certain songs beat into your head until you like it.

So why do Hip Hop fans write-off our favorite artist…why is that?

T-Pain said we’re taught to. He said we’re the only genre that saturates our audience. He said artist give so much so fast and that makes fans feel obligated for the artist to give them music that fast. He said it’s only exhausting to an artist if the artist is trying to impress people, if they’re trying to keep up with another artist or if they feel obligated to give their fans what they want. T-Pain said he can give his fans what they want and what they need but they need to give him time to come up with something sweet. He said can poop out a song real quick and put it on the internet and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to like it. He said if he takes his time, that’s when rumors start about him “falling off”

Is it ever a blow to his ego when he reads people’s comments on social media such as ‘Future stealing his style’ or ‘he fell off’:

T-Pain said it’s a blow when people say “dawg, you ain’t made a song in awhile” and then they go on and make it sound like he’s less than them. “Fans” think he’s broke because they haven’t hear him on a track. He said these people have no idea what he’s doing at home. “You have no idea what I’m doing at home. I’m actually reading this tweet counting money” He said that’s the only time it gets real annoying.

How does he balance being a an artist, a husband and a father?

He said he does alot of video chatting. He said if he’s home he’s good because he has studios in the house. He said his kids know exactly what he’s doing and they are probably in the studio now making beats.

How does he shelter his kids from all the negatives of being famous?

He said when he gives his kids electronics he puts parental controls on them. He said parents who criticize him for what he posts on social media should be more concerned with making sure their kids aren’t following someone who makes songs such as he does.

Would T-Pain ever do a reality TV show?

T-Pain said only if they do it the way he wants to do it. He doesn’t want a bafoonery show. He said he would not let his wife be on a show because if anyone touches his wife on a show or in real life, it’s going to be some problems.

On how he feels on his home town running the rap game:

He said he feels like it’s Florida’s time. He said everyone is doing their thing right now.

T-Pain premiered his new single “Come and Get It” ft. Ace Hood and Busta Rhymes

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