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Love is definitely in the air but has it caused a Valentines day threesome?!  Wouldn’t we all be lucky to see the day? Fortunately for Shorty da Prince, Paigion and Bow Wow, this fantasy is on the back burner. Rumors have speculated Bow Wow and Paigion have become very close, maybe even too close. Although these three are on set of 106 & Park as a group and have a strong friendship, there is no love triangle to be found. Can’t host Paigion have the best of both worlds when it comes to good friendships on set and and a great relationship at home? Can a girl get credit for doing her job?

Paigion’s Valentine Day Surprise!

Well let’s clear the air. Valentines day was a special moment for 106 & Park host Paigion and her beloved boyfriend of the last three years, Shorty da Prince.

It’s already hard enough having your relationship in the public eye, what more does everyone need to see? Last week Paigion’s valentines day surprise made everyone’s heart flutter, she’s such a beauty. This week Shorty topped it all when he asked Paigion to be his valentine on 106 & Park, such a romantic valentines day. I didn’t see anything but happiness from Bow Wow, not jealousy. Of course that wasn’t all from Shorty, there were more surprises! Paigion was so ecstatic about her gifts from Shorty da Prince that she wasted no time posting a picture on instagram (see photo to the right) with the caption, “Even though we have to work, he still makes it happen #Valentines#Surprise #Love #TheBest.” Isn’t that just wonderful?

Paigion And Shorty da Prince Dating! [EXCLUSIVE]

Fans wasted no time showing the support for the couple as plenty of tweets went about the romantic moment between the two.

This is a full confirmation that Shorty da Prince and Paigion are very much so happy and supported when it comes to their relationship just as they were back as on air personalities together in Detroit. It’s normal to get close to your co-workers, friendships develop in so many ways. It’s clear that happiness and love has continued to find its way between two people, Paigion and Shorty da Prince, not three. So let’s all enjoy this super fabulous couple, their just too amazing to even question their bond. 

Written By: Ashley Allen

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