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Swizz Beatz woke up early (while in L.A.) to check in on the east coast for the TT Torrez Show. TT and Swizz took a moment to g-hat about his new music venture, expanding his brand, and he also dished on his son Egypt and wife Alicia Keys.

Check it out:


On his new music/new album:

Swizz said instead of putting out an album he’s putting out “moments,” and give people experiences from those moments. He said “Everyday Birthday” is a “moment” because he wanted to give people an anthem for people to celebrate their life everyday. His “moments” will be on iTunes for purchase.

On “Everyday Birthday” video:

Swizz said he wanted to give people the non-typical party video. He said they went to two clubs to film BUT he didn’t want it announced to the crowd. They went into clubs with their cameras, performed for the clubgoers and recorded the video.

On who he thinks is on their way to becoming legendary and have longevity:

He said many artists have potential to have longevity but it’s on THEM to fulfill their journey and fulfill that void from their fans. It’s their responsibility to keep making hits. Swizz says that’s what has kept him in the game for so long.

On expanding his brand:

Swizz said in 2009-2010 he felt inspired to do different things and to put all in energy into different things. That’s when we heard about him designing for Aston Martin, designing for Christian Louboutin, the Reebok deal, the Audemars deal. Swizz said he wants to be the renaissance man of our generation to show the younger generation you do not have to stay in one lane because that’s what people think you should do.

Swizz is the global ambassador for the New York City public hospital. Swizz said one the best things’ he has done in his life is all of the philanthropic work he puts in.

Would Swizz say his life is complete?:

He said he would always be a student. He thought he was complete back in 1999 when he sold millions of records, had his first home and car. He learned that there is always more space for growth, so he decided he would forever he a student. He said that he’s very grateful and blessed for the life he has now.

On Hurricane Sandy:

Swizz said he, Alicia and their son, Egypt, were affected by Hurricane Sandy with their electricity going out. He donated $10,000 to Sandy victims and he also donated 70 boxes of Reebok boxes with 50+ items inside to Hurricane Sandy victims.

On if Egypt understands he has famous parents:

Swizz said he thinks he kind of understands but he plays cool. He said Egypt thinks he’s the star and wants his picture taken. Swizz said Egypt also knows the name of our president, Barack Obama.

On Alicia speaking highly about their relationship:

Swizz said it’s amazing to him when he reads her interviews. He said he’s a fan of Alicia so the fan in him comes out and he complements her on her accomplishments. He said communication is the key to a good relationship.

On if he feels he has to represent himself in a certain way because he’s married to Alicia Keys:

He said absolutely! Swizz said he does feel like he can’t do certain things because they represent each other.

On being named the “Power Couple of the Year” by Black Voices:

Swizz said they’re not looking to be praised in that light BUT that’s definitely their goal…to inspire other people.