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Everyone knows that Black Dynamite is a race man. When he’s not knocking Elvis Presley’s out of his blue suede shoes or breaking his foot off in the rear-end of Honkey Kong, he’s fighting to keep his whores and orphans safe from drugs.

So it only made sense that when a Race War was waged to determine the superior race, Dynamite was the man for the job, but he wasn’t sold at first.

“Black Dynamite has been racing against the man his whole life and it ain’t neva been televised,” he scoffed. “This sounds ridiculous.”

But when Honey Bee chimes in that the winner of the race might get on a Wheaties Cereal box, he has a change of heart.

“Being on a Wheaties box might be the thing Black Dynamite needs to put The Man away once and for all and with a trophy to prove it.”

What we didn’t see coming was the ultimate 80s car homage in Eartha Kitt, his talking sex machine on wheels. Anyone that has watched the show knows the effect Black Dynamite has on the ladies and Eartha Kitt is no exception. But when she stalls during a critical part of the race BD turns into a Night Rider to get Eartha Kitt purring again.

Black Dynamite slid his jack under her rear…

And laid back to admire his handy work afterward…

But after all is said and done BD makes the ultimate mistake of pretending that nothing happened between he and Eartha.

“Black Dynamite would never f*ck a car, and if I did it would be my Cadillac.”

Needless to say, Eartha Kitt was not happy. Check out our gallery of clips from the “Race War” episode and watch it  at

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