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Yesterday, Beyonce fans were in a frenzy when a photo of Bey on the set of a new Pepsi commercial surfaced online with news that it would air during the 47th Superbowl next year.  This would be Beyonce’s ad spot for the brand, with the first launching over 10 years ago directed by Spike Lee. (This was during the time she starred in her first acting role in MTV’s Carmen: A Hip Hopera). In 2002, on the set of her first commercial for Pepsi, she said:

I’m so happy my first Pepsi commercial will be played during the Superbowl. And actually last year my first movie was played during the Superbowl and now this year, my first commercial. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and better and better.

Any artist would be excited to be a part of Pepsi. You see their commercials and they have so much quality. I remember Michael Jackson’s commercial, I mean who doesn’t know that famous, extraordinary commercial and to think that I’m getting a chance to do this. I know that it’s gonna be perfect.

Next year, like her idol Michael Jackson, she will be holding down the stage of the Superbowl half-time show, also sponsored by Pepsi. Dreams do come true.