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The “R&B Divas” Nicci Gilbert, Monifah and Keke Wyatt came on the TT Torrez Show to girl talk about their new reality show, what they have going on and they set the record straight on the answers everyone wants to know!

It gets a little crazy so you definitely want to find out all the ladies had to say after the cut…

Will there be a season 2?? They don’t know yet but they say no one’s getting kicked off.

Nicci speaks on being labeled the “bully” or the difficult one on the show and she says what people are seeing is a genuine reaction but what you’re not always seeing is what she’s really reacting too. She feels the fact that she speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back, the show make her “look a certain way.”

Nicci says the people who really know her, understand she’s a very kind person and puts her friends first and a lot of times we are seeing her protecting her friends. She said sometimes you may see her speaking as the executive producer of the show when she should really be being a friend.  Nicci said she believes this show is to share her story and learn from her struggles.

TT said as a fan she was interested in watching the show because she wanted to know what happened to each one of the R&B Divas. We wanted to know what happened to the group, Brownstone, who were the first act signed to Michael Jackson’s label.  Nicci said she would have liked to have had a more honest interaction where they would have got into that but she says it was missed somehow.

Up next is Monifah!

Monifah says she’s NOT a lesbian, not that anything is wrong with that but she says she doesn’t identify with that. She says she loves people and is capable of loving anyone. When asked if she was bi?? She said, “How I identify is what’s important, not how you or anybody else identify me.”

Monifah added she and her partner still plans to get married and that she’s extremely happy.

Monifah then talks about how trying to find herself and love herself caused her to abuse drugs. She said childhood abandonment issues also contributed to her drug abuse. She said she used cocaine for 7 years but has been clean for 2 years. She believes God told her to share her story so that’s why she revealed her past.

TT then asks Monifah about the rumors of her and her girlfriend being involved in an abusive relationship and Monifah sets the record straight saying that rumor is completely FALSE.

The ‘Divas’ said they are doing this show because they want to focus on the positive things. They want to show the little girls out there that there are women of color who are supporting and loving each other.

Monifah then pops off and warns us to be careful of what we read and take in saying,

“Don’t believe everything you read boo boo”


Keke Wyatt then joins in on the conversation and when TT asked Keke about her reunion with Avant she answered, “Like any other time, I reckon”

The interview starts going a little left…

When TT asked Keke how she juggles filming on the show, being a wife and being a mommy to 6 children she answered, “I do what I gotta do. Like I’m doing now. Shoot. Working now, foolin’ with a baby. Now Daddy’s back, Daddy’s got em.”

Keke got defensive when TT asked if she and her husband were around each other 24/7 like we see on TV saying NO! She and her husband are not around each other like that but if they were, then that’s their prerogative.

TT then asked Keke if her counseling sessions helped with her insecurity issues and she snaps back with saying that Jesus Christ is who she goes in counsel with daily. She said she’s continuing therapy and she’s dealing with her issues just like everyone else.

The ‘Divas’ then thanked TT for asking the tough questions people really want to know the answers to. Monifah said she appreciated TT for asking those types of questions giving them the opportunity to answer them directly. TT thanked the ladies back and wished them well.

Lol These chics were a trip!