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With a 40 percent approval rating and now African Americans becoming impatient with the President on the economy (which in my opinion is unfair), Obama’s reelection looks like it will come down to the wire. If Obama loses in 2012 not only will the big 3 social programs be at risk (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security), but the future of Black America in Politics as well.

President Obama became the first minority to be nominated by a major party. Despite what many critics say, Obama’s election also helped Former RNC Chair Michael Steele rise to his post as the first African American Chair of the RNC. Read the full article on Politics Is Power.

Obama toured N.C. on Monday to promote his jobs program. Read about it below:

President Obama arrives in N.C., says he’s here ‘to listen’

WCNC Interviews Obama About Jobs

Obama’s Reelection is Critical to the Future of Black America in Politics  was originally published on my927charlotte.com