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This is what happens when you have eleven kids! Evander Holyfield is facing time in the slammer for not paying child support.

According to reports Holyfield hasn’t paid the court mandated amount of child support for his 18 year old daughter Emany. Evander hasn’t sent child support to Emany since April 2010. Evander Holyfield now owes about $372,000 for his one daughter.

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The Department of Human Services in Georgia is petitioning a judge to have Holyfield jailed until he pays the almost four hundred thousand off. Another thing The Department of Human Services wants done is for Evander Holyfield’s check to be garnished. Back in January, Holyfield went to court trying to get his child support payments lowered. However, that must not have worked because if he fails to pay that child support, a cell that contains a bunk with his name on it is in his future.

Do you think the judge should’ve lowered Evander Holyfield’s child support payments considering he has eleven kids and doesn’t make as much money as he used to? Sound off in the comments.



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