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In Chicago, William Balfour has been found guilty of 1st degree murder in the death of  Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew.  

The jury took two days of deliberation before handing down the verdict which also found William guilty of home invasion and residential burglary.  He now faces life in prison. Witness say Jennifer was present in court when the verdict was read.

I’ve been following this case from the very start and granted I’m just a radio personality who happens to love law and order and all criminal shows; However this verdict struck me by suprise because there was NO DNA, finger prints or any physical evidence presented in the case that would directly tie William to the murders.

This case was tried off of circumstantial evidence, which the defense team did a great job at creating reasonable doubt in my eyes. According to William’s defense Jennifer’s brother was a big drug dealer in Chicago, he was found dead with one gun shot wound to the head which they believe all signs pointed to a gang related HIT. NOW here is my thing and I’m gonna let you ponder on this. How does someone who have never killed anyone in their life be able to leave a crime scene with NO direct evidence tying him to the murder. I’m sure there would be some DNA, finger prints or perhaps some physical evidence left at the crime scene! Just my thoughts

I pray that Jennifer and her family gets the closer they deserve!