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MOTHER’S DAY EXCLUSIVE: Brandy shared what she thinks are the best things about being a mother.

On motherhood

I love being a mother because having a child inspires you to be a better “you.”

On maternal hardships

The hardest thing about being a mother is that you realize you aren’t perfect and you’ll make mistakes. But you do the best you can.

On what she tells Sy’rai about relationships

I teach Sy’rai to always be who you are. Sometimes you can loose yourself if you don’t have a strong foundation so I talk to her about knowing who she is.

On handling heartbreak and first loves

When I was dating Wanya Morris, my mom was afraid of me getting my heartbroken, so she was cautious. But with Sy’rai, when it comes to relationships, I’m going to be a little more open and allow her to make her own choices.

On her “industry mothers”

I’ve had so many women who have been good to me. Whitney Houston was my everything and she opened so many doors for me and also offered good advice. Also, Oprah Winfrey has been over to the house and we were able to talk without cameras and she’s been a huge inspiration. And Kesha Epps (formerly of Total and wife of actor Omar Epps) is a dear friend and like the big sister I never had.

What’s next for Brandy? She’s going to make a huge splash in the next few weeks as she drops her highly-anticipated Two-Eleven album. Though she doesn’t have a release date, she promises it will drop this summer.

Out of all the celebs I’ve met throughout my radio career Brandy is the most humble down to earth sweetest person ever! I wish her the best and from one mommy to another Job well done! luv ya B xoxoxo!