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Last month, Mike Epps and his 18-year-old daughter Bria made headlines after she called the cops and told them that he threatened to ‘F-ck her up’. To add insult to injury, after she filed a police report, she released audio of one of their phone conversations after he lost his mind for a minute and called her a “disrespectful b—h” and a “f—kin’ devil.”

Bria says that the fight started because he gave his two kids by his wife Michelle a shoutout on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ and didn’t bother to mention her while Mike claims that the argument started over a tuition bill she wanted him to pay. Either way, the daddy-daughter issues were laid out all in the streets, so Mike definitely had to address what was going on during his recent visit to Chicago’s 107.5 radio station. While there, he cracked jokes about the drama, claiming that his daughter was “turning into Bobbi Kristina”. He also had some not-so-nice things to say about his baby’s mother before getting serious and talking about being able to work with Whitney Houston on ‘Sparkle,’ before she passed away.

On the Drama with His Daughter Bria & Her Mom

Man, God is so good he been keeping me on the road. I been trying to keep my kids…my kids is turning into Bobbi Kristina on me. Nah, I’m just kidding. You know my daughter went off on me. You know how it go, man. It’s hard raising teenagers, man. As soon as they get a certain age they want to start challenging [you]. You have to remind them, that’s my scrotum talking to me. That’s what you tell your kids next time — fellas, when they talk crazy, say, ‘My balls is talking crazy. My scrotum’s talking crazy.’

I’ll tell you who it was. It was the James Brown-looking baby mama that did it. I keep telling everybody, they was like, ‘Woo, she was ugly,’ and I said ‘I didn’t know I was gonna make it.’ I was dating girls that looked like James Brown before I got in show business.

On Working With Whitney Houston on Sparkle

It was great man. You know we all loved Whitney Houston man, her spirit was really, really great. I was really starstruck to be in front of her when I was working with her. It was like, man, that’s Whitney Houston! She was a real woman. Whitney Houston was — and still her spirit [is] — was so real. A regular, real person that you just felt like you knew her outside of her art, you just knew her as a person. I just think that her spirit continues to live. Her body may not be here but her spirit is really, really strong