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“Love & Hip Hop” manager Rich Dollaz spoke to TheYBF.com exclusively to clear up rumors regarding Chaundrea Nicole and his “alleged” 12-year old child. He also revealed who may NOT be returning to Season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop.”

Rich Dollaz, a well-known manager in the game (Olivia, Ryan Leslie, Cory Gunz, DJ Webstar) spoke to TheYBF.com today to clear up rumors surrounding his involvement with Chaundrea Nicole and the 12-year-old girl she claims he fathered.

Bottom line: Rich admits he and Chaundrea indeed smashed about 12 years ago and the child could be his. Rich, who is a single father of two, says he likes to keep his private life out of the mix. He tells TheYBF.com:

“This is somebody I know and the baby could very well be mine. If it is mine, it will be taken care of.”

He added that he plans to get to the bottom of this. He has reached out to Chaundrea about a DNA test….but here’s where the ish goes left.

Rich kept it honest and told TheYBF.com that after he found out about the little girl, he reached out to her:

“We spoke and now me and the little girl have a relationship. She wants me to see her for spring break and my family wants to meet her.”

He adds that all was going well until a web video (we told you about earlier) surfaced a few weeks ago. Check it below.

So if Rich has been communicating with the little girl AND offered to take a DNA test….why would Chaundrea release a video claiming he denies the child and is a deadbeat? And most importantly, Rich says Chaundrea NEVER responded to HIS request for a DNA test. Interesting.

Rich says:

“This is just her latest attempt to get some shine. With all that already being established, (e.g. DNA, phone conversations) why are you on blogs now?” He adds, “Chaundrea has seen my family before. So is this all about getting some shine. I just honestly don’t understand the motives.”

Valid point. In all of the postings Chaundrea makes sure she mentions that she models, her daughter models and that she hopes to move to Atlanta to break into the entertainment industry. Just sayin’…

”What are your motives ma?” Rich told us about Chaundrea. “If your motives are to get your baby to have a father and being taken care of, you are going about it the wrong way. You are just trying to get a come up.”

Hopefully….these two will be able to work this out, if that is really what Chaundrea wants.

In addition to the drama, Rich also spoke about the positive aspects of his career and life.

On “Love & Hip Hop” Season 3:

Rich says they won’t start taping until AFTER the production company finishes with the ATL spinoff. He says that at this point, Chrissy and Jim still haven’t confirmed if they will come back and Mama Jones may be doing her own show. He added that he hopes Erica Mena and Fabolous get more airtime next season.

On rumors he allegedly slept with co-star Erica Mena:

“We are not dating. We are cool. But people also said me and Olivia were dating. If you are a man and out with a woman, people speculate. But Erica is a talented girl and her hustle is crazy.”

On co-star Somaya Reece’s recent breast reduction surgery:

Just for laughs, we asked Rich if he thought smaller boobs would impact Somaya’s career:

“I don’t know. I don’t think her titties will help with her rap skills. If you are a rapper, you should worry about rapping. But more power to her. People think I don’t like shorty, but she has an ill hustle. I don’t hate her, I just think she goes about things the wrong way.”